Curb Signs

These wind resistant outdoor curb signs are double-sided and can be used as pavement signs, sidewalk signs, driveway signs, entryway signs, sandwich board signs, etc., and will deliver your message – day and night. The molded base can be filled with water or sand and has built in wheels that tilt and roll for easy moving.

The great thing about these curb signs is the slide-in frames makes it simple to change out the graphics. Ideal for restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, parking garages, arenas, car washes, ect. As your message changes, so can your graphics.

The upscale design, with smooth curved edges, gives the WindMaster a contemporary look. Another nice feature of theses signs is they come in various sizes and styles. They are available in 22” x 28”,  24” x 36”, and 22” x 44” to accompany your various needs.